What we do

Atelier connects high-quality and planet-conscious makers to design-savvy users who want to create their own interior design projects and we do it all in an interactive design app and marketplace!

Who we are

We are a space for people who love design and are also conscious of the impact that they leave behind.

Atelier App is the platform that makes interior design an easy and fun process. It provides users with a 3D design platform that makes everything — from envisioning the project to executing it in real life — a simple, fun, and useful process.

We make sure to provide only good quality products by providing a channel for independent designers and makers to reach you through their Atelier shops. These small brands do not mass-produce, they source their products ethically, and they’ll make sure your design is always one of a kind!

Andrea Orrego / Atelier Team

Andrea Orrego

CEO & Co-founder

3rd Generation Architect with vast experience in the field of residential design and 1-1 client-assessment



CTO & Co-founder

Software engineer specialized in iOS & Android development, blockchain and 3D technologies

Kenny Horna / Atelier Team

Kenny Horna

COO & Co-founder

Software engineer with a focus on planning, strategy, and brand and product alignment

María Fernanda Pacheco / Atelier Team

María Fernanda Pacheco

Creativity and Art Director

Creative with a background in architecture, interior design, and exhibition and experience design

Yanise Orrego / Atelier Team

Yanise Orrego

UI/UX & Brand Design

Graphic designer with experience creating mobile and web interfaces, as well as brand identities

Ingle / Atelier Team


Emotional Support Director

Woof woof woof, Woof woof woof, Woof woof woof, Woof woof woof, woof woof woof. Woof!

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