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What is atelier?

Conscious &
quality design

Atelier connects high-quality and planet-conscious makers to design-savvy users who want to create their own interior design projects and we do it all in an interactive design app and marketplace!

Atelier Home Design

The home design tool you’ve been needing for a while

We care about your project

Atelier home design is the to-go app to create, visualize, and purchase what you need for any interior design project you have.

We care about the planet

We curate these brands to ensure ethical practices and good quality products, and we give you the most advanced —and easiest to use— project visualizer in which you can virtually create your project.

We care about good quality

We make sure that all the pieces of furniture and materials that you add to your project are high-quality and ethically made by working with small brands and independent makers.

We care about your experience

You can create a model of your room and add the finishes you want, furniture, and decor; and calculate exactly how much it all costs. you can call yourself a pro designer now!

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Have a brand?

If you are a talented maker who would like to use our platform to sell your products, you’ve come to the right place! We can’t wait to see what you have in store.

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Atelier Home Design

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